Wednesday, March 18, 2009


When the Israelites could no longer bear their cruel treatment in Egypt, God bade Moses take them away to another land, which they were to have all to themselves. The king tried to prevent Moses taking them away; but God punished him and his people most severely for this, and then he let them go.

There was a vast number of them men, women, and children, with their cattle. And when, in the course of their journey to the land God had promised to give them, they got into wild, desert places, they were frightened, and wished themselves back again. They thought they should die of hunger; and then God sent them food from heaven itself. It was called manna, and tasted very sweet. But they soon got tired of it, and wanted something else. Then God gave them great numbers of birds. But though He gave them what they wanted, He was at the same time very angry with them, so that they had no enjoyment of' it. Not long afterwards they wanted water. And Moses prayed to God; for he did not know what to do. And God told him to strike a certain rock in Horeb with his staff; and when he did so, water gushed out in abundance.

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